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Our companies and employees are led and consulted by these distinguished persons

Nayeon Julia Kang

CEO Enso Group Holding AG, Juni Holding AG, Enso Trade AG
Board Chair of Enso Group Holding AG, Juni Holding AG

Founder and CEO of Enso Holding AG, Board of Directors Chairperson

Nayeon Kang is the Founder and Director of Enso Group and the Chairperson of the
Board of Directors. After mastering Finance abroad, she came back to South Korea
with the clear vision to set up a Commodity Sourcing and Trading Company
recognized on the global market. Her dedication, industry knowledge, pro-active
approach and international connections enabled her to take a solid share in this
long-established market, and her success demonstrates her innovative strategy. She
serves as an advisor and as a consultant in various companies. She is also a
member of the Swiss-Korean Business Chamber. During her spare moments, she
likes to spend time with her family and do sports, reading and cooking.

Rolf Städler

CEO Awit consulting AG, Member of the Board of Directors Enso Group Holding AG, Juni Holding AG

Florian Ducommun

Founder HDC Law Firm , Member of the board of Directors Enso Group Holding AG, Juni Holding AG

Florian Ducommun is a Swiss attorney based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He graduated from the University of Lausanne and holds an LL.M in Comparative Law from McGill University, Montréal. He is one of the founder of HDC Law Firm, a cutting-edge boutique law firm advising companies on commercial, intellectual property and commercial litigation/arbitration issues.

Kyungjoong Jason Joo

Ferro Alloys Sales Director with more than 12 years of work experience. Marketing of
Ferro Alloys business to Korean Steel mills and tripartite trading with Japan, Taiwan
and Thailand markets.


Sungmi Nicky Jun

Head of Finance and Administration department.
Over 14years of experience in trading company management.