Nestlé automates infant food production plant in Germany

Nestlé has automated all the material handling flows in its Biessenhofen baby and infant food production plant in southwestern Bavaria, with help from Egemin Automation.

Egemin will integrate a warehouse shuttle system with connecting conveyor system technology, as well as several automated guided vehicles (AGVs), with the installation expected to be completed by January 2017.

Belgium-headquartered Egemin will also install a fully automated storage and material handling system at Nestlé’s Biessenhofen site, to support the production of baby and infant foods. Conventional conveyor systems will control the handling of materials into both the warehouse and production areas. Egemin E’gv technology will support these processes by supplying empty cans from storage, as well as providing automatic waste disposal. An additional warehouse for storage of sensitive materials that need to be supplied to the production line will be integrated in the system.

Designed according to Egemin’s unique concept, the integrated warehouse system ensures a fully automated 24/7 operation of Nestlé’s intralogistics flows. One particular challenge during concept development was to find a way to make sure the best fit of the system into the available space, Egemin pointed out.

Ultimately, the decision came down to the ability to provide the necessary storage capacity to deal with the demanding requirements of the product line, and also the need to comply with highly sensitive food production guidelines. The warehouse system is monitored and controlled by E’wms, Egemin’s proprietary warehouse management software.